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Binary gender standards construct a fashion industry with no eye for diversity. The female underwear industry highlights and maintains unequal gender roles in our society, in which women’s bodies are all too often sexually objectified. 

Prude strongly supports the idea that the female body does not equate woman's worth with her body’s appearance or sexual functions. We aim to create underwear that empowers women in their natural appearance and generates more body confidence.

Creative platform 

We cannot change the world on our own; our core activity is connecting to communities to jointly (re)shape and (re)build beliefs. By critically engaging and rethinking beauty standards we want to break the persistent taboos and misconceptions around notions of the body and sexuality. 


Founded in 2019, Prude believes in a commitment to clean production of its underewear and minimize environmental impact. We use textiles made of natural fibers and work with innovative vendors to develop high quality products.

Our first collection is made out of organic cotton provided with the GOTS certificate. In order to minimize our residual materials, we produce scrunchies from the leftovers ︎




︎ Beauty Myth


︎Body imperfections 

WTF is Prude?

Prude is an Amsterdam based initiative and underwear brand that seeks not to objectify bodies. The idea of Prude was born from the need for body positivity and empowerment. Prude wants to question beauty conventions and generate more acceptance for one’s own body and stimulate self-confidence.

By creating comfortable underwear, without sexually objectifying the female body, we aim to rethink society’s proclaimed beauty standards. We’re fed up with the image of women being supposedly naturally prude — so by acting ‘..rude,’ our underwear is keen on breaking with taboos and misconceptions around the female body and sexuality.

Prude stands for high-quality underwear with a positive contribution to the environment.


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